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Unistar started with a vision of being part of something that is destined for
greatness. The people behind this great company reaped and harnessed their
success based on determination and dedication in providing quality food
products to the burgeoning diverse community that is California. Owners
Alvin and Carol Yam started the company from scratch and eventually rose to

During the early days of the business, Unistar began with Alvin as its only
employee. Back in July of 1986, he ran the company from his garage at home.
From there, the sole proprietors rolled the business into a company which is
now being operated by over 40 employees. In 1986, Unistar started providing
quality meat and poultry products to restaurants and markets in Los Angeles
county and neighboring counties. Whether it is pork, beef, lamb, poultry or
seafood, Unistar delivers it fresh and by any slice, especially the company’s
processed items.

In 1990, they extended their services in San Diego. In 1996, they targeted the
neon lights of Las Vegas and they were accepted with open arms. Then in
1999, they started supplying their quality products in San Francisco. The
business has earned the respect of both the consumers and competitors
including its American counterparts over the years. With the high quality of
the products come very competitive and affordable prices. The company is
also continually expanding their product lines, which currently include
seafoods and even ice cream.

Unistar now proudly operates in a 30,000 square foot facility in downtown
Pomona about a block away from the Metro Rail. The processing facility’s
bigger size and features has allowed Unistar to efficiently and effectively serve
their existing clientele as well as cater to a variety of other markets. Until now,
the company continues to be run by family and hopes to provide the same
personal service as it did 30+ years ago. We continue to truly believe that we
thrive when our clients thrive and we hope to continue that standard for many
years to come.

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